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Geopipe Interns, Class of '22

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Summer is in full swing, and we’re proud to present our Geopipe summer interns, class of ‘22! We looked for talented students in game development, research and development, and machine learning.

Game Development Intern

Steve Annunziato (B.S. Engineering & Programming, Champlain College)

Steve Annunziato has been intrigued by professional video game development and computer graphics research since childhood, and is launching his own game on Steam this August! As a game development intern, he has worked on creating demos and experiences with Geopipe’s products. “I started with T-Wrecks, a game about dinosaurs stomping through the city that the founders came up with a while ago. I’m now working on a game about running and jumping through the rooftops of New York.” Steve cultivates innovation through nature and teamwork, and turns that into creative fuel for inspiration.

R&D Interns

Rohan Datar (B.A. Physics and Computer Science, Middlebury College)

Rohan Datar was drawn to the technical challenge of Geopipe’s unique mission, saying,“I think the ability to have a high quality model of any place in the world will have an immense impact on people’s ability to create content such as video games and movies, and will enable a lot of people with fewer resources to create more of this type of content.” Rohan has been working on the pipeline team, focusing on trees and other entities in Geopipe worlds.

Emily Sillars (M.S. Computer Science, Columbia University)

Emily Sillars is no stranger to Geopipe, as she interned as an undergrad at NYU. Now a master’s student at Columbia, she pursued Geopipe for the culture and the team, as well as the applicability of Geopipe’s product in video games and other kinds of interactive art. She advises future interns: “Ask lots of questions! The Geopipe team welcomes questions, so don’t ever be afraid to reach out if you are confused. The more you ask and communicate with your team members, the better and more quickly you will learn and achieve your goals!”

Machine Learning Interns

Lisa Malani (M.S. Sustainable Design, Carnegie Mellon University)

Lisa Malani is inspired by technology. “Technology has grown…to inform, analyze, and explore opportunities beyond the boundaries imposed by traditional applications. I believe that by adopting technologically-driven approaches, we develop logical processes required to analyze everyday dynamic problems and find solutions that promote efficiency and innovation.” She's recently most proud of developing a motion-tracking and rhythm-based game from scratch with just Python! (Check it out here: Beat Striker)

Bill Han (M.S. in Computer Engineering, NYU)

Bill Han is passionate about creating innovative machine learning solutions, so building machine learning models to solve different problems at Geopipe is a perfect fit. When asked about choosing Geopipe, he said,”I think people at Geopipe are great mentors. I have learned a lot of new technical skills while brainstorming ideas with team members.” He adds, “If you want to practice your ML skills and learn new techniques, definitely consider joining Geopipe!”


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