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Geopipe Updates Boston Digital Twin

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Boston is our latest city to be refreshed for Geopipe users! Sometimes called “the city of neighborhoods,” Boston is made up of diverse subdivisions that highlight Geopipe’s attention to different building types.

In any Geopipe city, you can choose models to best fit your needs, from plain, untextured massings up to fully textured, geometrically detailed models. To customize models for your application, you can choose to download any combination of the features that we offer: terrain, buildings, and foliage. Select your area of interest to download models, or stream them directly into your game or simulation with our Unity SDK!

Boston is only available to paid users, but if you want to see more, get started with a free tier account! We offer select areas of New York and Salt Lake City for free download and exploration. Want to suggest our next city? Let us know!


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