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Build City-Scale Games with AI

In 2018, experts predicted that the cost to build a AAA game would balloon to $200M+ in the coming years. They also speculated that AI would offer a better, faster, and cheaper way forward.

They were right on both counts.

Today, major gaming studios are looking at development costs of $600M+ for a single franchise, and AI has finally reached the point where it can drastically reduce development time for digital games and simulations.

At Geopipe, we specifically use AI to automatically produce real-world, interactive 3D environments for gaming and simulation. Using our products, an indie creator can make a real-world-based experience in a single day, like New York City in Fortnite:

This is a massive shift from the traditional production workflows, where the cost of making a single scene can be $200K or more.

In the months to come, we’ll be launching more locations, at greater levels of detail, available through richer APIs. That means it will keep getting easier, faster, and cheaper to build the next real-world-based blockbuster or city-scale simulation.

Check out our latest city release: Washington DC. We’re excited to see what you make.


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