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Game Jam NYC: It's Gonna Be May

After a successful first game jam this winter, our spring game jam starts TODAY!

Join our second-ever game jam!

Build a game in real-world New York City.

Game Jam NYC: It's Gonna Be May is a game jam where participants create games using real NYC buildings, streets, and terrain. We provide the customizable game-ready environments, you build the game...but hurry, because it's going to be May, and all submissions are due at 11:59:59 on April 30!

We're awarding $1600 to the winners:

First prize: $800

Second prize: $500

Judge's Choice: $300

Our theme is "Reflection"- whatever that means to you!

Watch the video below to get inspired:

Learn more and join the jam here, or follow all the action on Discord!


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