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On-Demand Digital Twins

Looking for a specific area? Do you have raw data or photogrammetry to use in a simulation, game, or visualization?

Geopipe can apply its AI to rapidly build a rich, interactive, simulation/game-ready digital twin of a new region or city. We can process the sensor data that you have, or source necessary data from our data partners.

Minimum Intake Data* 

1. Orthoimagery (20 cm or higher resolution)

2. A point cloud (0.7 m ground point spacing or better)

We can accept a LiDAR or photogrammetric point cloud and drone or aerial imagery. If you just have a photogrammetric mesh, we can extract the other data we need directly from it. Data must represent a real-world, outdoor location. Georeferenced data is preferred.

*Unsure if your data will work? Fill out the form below and mention it in the comments section.  We'd love to get in touch.
On-Demand Digital Twins

Request Your Location

Please reach out to us with your geographical area of interest, type of source data, and contact information.

Source Data *

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch shortly.
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