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Back to School with Geopipe

Middlebury, Vermont: real and Geopipe digital twin.

At Geopipe, we don’t believe in standing still.

Our mission to create the authoritative whole-Earth digital twin is more relevant than ever. The COVID crisis gripping the world will have lasting impacts on travel and tourism. Where travel is limited, Geopipe digitally transports users to real places anywhere on earth.

Higher education faces a precarious situation. On-campus life is an indispensable part of the college experience for which students in the United States pay over $670B.

Catalyzed by our ability to reproduce real world locations in Minecraft, Geopipe brought rich, immersive visuals to the higher education world through work with e-sports teams. In early March 2020, our work with Brown University was featured in university publications and went viral.

Geopipe has partnered with a number of institutions to enable immersive, interactive digital tours and virtual scavenger hunts through campus for prospective students.

Virtual scavenger hunt at Rice University.

Visitors explore a detailed 3D campus and can discover and interact with cultural touchstones across the university. Prospective students get a feel for campus life by completing tasks within the game, like checking out a library book, or even getting a bite to eat at the dining hall!

Demand for virtual tourism in other areas continues to increase as travel restrictions inspire new solutions. Virtual tourism is a compelling application of our data within our focus area of gaming and simulation -- a perfect example of a gaming application that requires user immersion in a large, accurate digital twin of the real world.

We continue to provide our data to game developers looking to bring the real world into games, and we are also creating frameworks for these very games: engaging users more directly.

The world is changing, but it’s not slowing down, and Geopipe is thrilled to bring it to you.


Ready to bring the virtual world to your customers? Contact us at to customize your solution!

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