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December 2019 Update: Money, Pitches, Tech

Happy Holidays from Geopipe!

Many glad tidings for the festive season! As the year draws to an end, we hope you get a chance to relax, spend time with friends and family, and look back at this year's achievements. We're particularly proud of our accomplishments over the past year, including about $1.5M in grant and investment funding secured, new team members, new customers, and significant strides in our products and technology. To that end, here are our biggest milestones from the last two months.

Geopipe wins the AEC tech category at MIPIM PropTech Competition.

In November and December, we received several grants, funding opportunities, and even a giant check. Back in mid-November, we competed in the MIPIM PropTech Competition, winning the AEC tech category (including the aforementioned $5,000 giant check) and sending us to the finals in Cannes, Frances in March.

In December, we were announced as one of the five companies selected for GeniusNY, an investment-and-acceleration vehicle helping deep tech startups start up while refreshing the economic drivers of the Central New York State region. Four of the finalists receive a $500K investment, and a fifth receives a $1M investment; the program also includes programming and will allow us to work more closely with UAS and deep tech companies and stakeholders in New York State. Finally, shortly before this newsletter, we received word that we have been selected for an AFWERX SBIR Phase I contract, a $50K contract that will allow us to evaluate potential uses of our technology within the Air Force. We'll keep you posted on these opportunities as they help us build Geopipe!

Geopipe presents at the New York Virtual Reality meetup.

We also continued our ongoing work communicating and collaborating with our users and customers in the AEC and game development communities (and beyond). Just last week, we won runner-up in the 1010 WINS Small Business 10K Challenge, and who knows, perhaps you'll hear about us on the radio soon! We presented our work at two different game development-related events at the RLab in Brooklyn, NY: AWENite in October, and the NYVR November meetup. In each case, we were overwhelmed by the questions and enthusiasm we received. We have many more appearances coming up in 2020.

Road networks in Geopipe's Salt Lake City.

Most of our product and technology development in the past two months was in the vital, state-of-the-art, but hard-to-show area of machine learning techniques. Our "AI" components to find buildings in sensor data, understand their structure, and parse road networks all made significant advances. With partners, we also experimented with many powerful possibilities unlocked by Geopipe's software, including in the real estate and general 3D visualization spaces. One item we can discuss is support for loading, using, and visualizing road and transportation networks in our Unity SDK: with this, simulation companies have more information for human and autonomous agents moving through a space, and our 3D models are more easily navigated as 3D maps. Pictured is our expanded 3D digital twin of Salt Lake City with the road network overlaid. More on these advances soon!

Many thanks for your continued support and engagement. As always, Geopipe is truly grateful for the many ways that you, our friends, users, customers, mentors, colleagues, and others have guided us forward. We’d love to connect with you to continue the conversation!


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