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Fall 2019: Demos, Pitches, Unity

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

This season has been a whirlwind of presentations, awards, and product development.

Geopipe shows no signs of slowing down this quarter, networking and emerging at the forefront amongst its peers. Some of the highlights of the season include Geopipe’s fourth annual presentation at the NYCML '19 Summit at the end of September. This was a great opportunity to network with professionals and students in the NYC tech space, and a continuation of a long and productive relationship with our friends at the NYC Media Lab.

Geopipe presents at the LIFT Summit.

Geopipe had the opportunity to be a featured startup at the LIFT Summit, which boasted an inspirational keynote from former General Mattis. Geopipe CEO Dr. Christopher Mitchell also joined a panel discussing frontier tech in architecture at the Proptech Society Conference in late September.

Geopipe wins the TechConnect Defense Innovation Award.

Most recently, Geopipe demoed and pitched at Defense TechConnect in Washington, DC, as a 2019 recipient of the TechConnect Defense Innovation Award. Geopipe has been exploring further government relationships beyond its current support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR program.

At the expo, Geopipe was able to demonstrate targeted defense solutions: the technological ability to provide rich synthetic training environments and clear 3D intelligence for mission planning.

New York City in Geopipe's Unity SDK.

In addition to a growing networking presence, Geopipe is continuously improving its technology and products. Geopipe's Unity SDK v0.2.3 has just been released, with HDRP support as its flagship feature, along with a smaller memory footprint and higher performance.

Test the SDK for free to see how you can put the real world into games, simulations, and VR with this update! We've also published a video of Geopipe SDK v0.2.3 in action.

Geopipe also achieved a major milestone in the last few months: complete coverage of New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Sydney, with additional cities like Melbourne, Providence, and others to be announced soon. We're working hard on the cutting-edge machine learning that powers our technology and will soon be able to produce even more street-level and building detail in our worlds.

We are excited and invigorated to be working on these challenges, and we look forward to what is coming next!

Many thanks for your continued support and engagement. As always, Geopipe is infinitely grateful for the many ways that its community has tailored its trajectory. We’d love to connect with you to continue the conversation!


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