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Geopipe Expands Coverage: Boston, San Francisco, Sydney, and Beyond

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

At Geopipe, our mission is to create accurate, semantically rich, interactive-ready virtual models of the real world. To do so, we need powerful technology to understand and reconstruct the real world as it exists, and the raw sensor data from which our algorithms can figure out what's in the world. To date, we've been focusing our R&D efforts on the algorithms that understand what's in the world, improving the reconstructed detail of our first two target cities (New York and San Francisco). With our platform launched, customers have been requesting additional cities, so we're proud to announce that we've added additional cities and will be unveiling Geopipe models of additional cities soon. To date, we have added:

  • New York: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, plus New York Bay.

  • San Francisco: All of San Francisco proper

  • Boston: Boston and Cambridge

  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: The full city (massings only)

Cities coming soon include Chicago, Austin, and many others. Do you have a city you need for an upcoming project? Contact us and let us know!


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