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Geopipe Launches Free Access Plan for New Users

Updated: Feb 9

You asked, and we listened: Geopipe has added a free access plan for new users, making it easier than ever to access our immersive 3D worlds!

Game developers, simulation designers, architects, and urban planners use Geopipe digital twins in 3D software packages like Unity, Blender, ArcGIS, Infraworks, and more.

To support new use cases and enable users to “try before they buy,” we are providing demo access to our most popular regions: New York, New York; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Using ContextSnap, our web-based browser tool, you can navigate our immersive worlds and view the metadata that makes Geopipe unique. Each structure, tree, and road in Geopipe World is tagged with the characteristics that make it up. This enables realistic damage modeling for games, and accurate simulation for building 5G networks.

ContextSnap Metadata Browser

Along with the introduction of this no-cost demo tier, ContextSnap has received some awesome updates:

  • Improved time-of-day rendering

  • Larger areas now accessible for paid users

  • Complete user interface overhaul

Our dedicated team is constantly adding rich detail to our massive digital twins. So: if you haven’t checked us out in a while, or if you are a first time user, now is a better time than ever to sign up with Geopipe! Check out the latest here!

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