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LAUNCH: Unity Asset Pack: Real New York City, Vol. 1

Geopipe's Unity Asset Pack: Real New York City, Vol.1.

To celebrate Geopipe’s first Unity asset pack launch, we’ve made it available to users for free! We can’t wait to see what your creativity unlocks!

Enrich your game or simulation with a smart 1:1 digital twin of New York City! This asset pack gives you a real world replica of several blocks of New York City at your fingertips: a total of 786 buildings along with roads, sidewalks, and water features with textured meshes (street level props not included).

We offer roadbeds and sidewalks as separate meshes, so that they can easily be incorporated into path-finding. Standard shaders are provided, and tested and verified to convert to High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Feedback or questions? Reach out to us on our Discord server!


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