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Build Contest with Prize in Minecraft New York City

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

A Minecraft rendition of American Radiator Building in Geopipe's NYC.

Calling all creatives- Geopipe is hosting its inaugural build contest in Minecraft: NYC to showcase the possibilities of Minecraft building in a real 1:1 city!

This build contest will be Digital Twin-themed: we built a real-world city with AI, but we still believe that many creative details come from humans. We challenge you to bring one item in the Geopipe Minecraft New York City to life with immersive details: a real-world-accurate bridge, a house or building that we missed, a subway station, or the perfect facade or roof details to refine your favorite building!

We’re offering a $100 prize Steam gift card to the most impressive, realistic build created between now and February 21st, 2022! These builds will be judged by a panel of three judges to determine the winner.

To get started, join the server (Java Edition, 1.17.1) and start building in NYC! Build sites are first come, first serve, so if you have an area in mind, make sure you get there first and stake your claim. Please be respectful of other builders: no griefing or cursing on the server.


  • The build contest ends on February 21st at midnight Eastern time. All entries must be submitted by this deadline.

  • To enter, send a screenshot, world coordinates, and an optional video up to 30 seconds long of your build to

  • Original content only. The build in your submission must be made by you.

  • No older content. All submissions must be made from scratch for this contest.

  • You are welcome to use shaders as you build, but your submission will be judged without shaders, so make sure you love the way it looks both ways!

  • Since the build is actually in NYC, build sites are first come, first serve. Please be respectful of other builders. To claim a site, mark your perimeter with glowstones or beacons.

  • Breaking server rules or builds by other players will lead to disqualification.

  • Reach out to us on Discord for help or further questions, or hit us up on social media below!


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