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New Year's Eve in Times Square

This past New Year’s Eve, the iconic Times Square Ball Drop in New York City was limited to 15,000 in-person attendees, but revelers made an appearance virtually in Geopipe's Minecraft New York City– throwing fireworks, running through confetti, taking group pictures, and even swinging through a fast-food restaurant. Users across generations and spanning various countries worked together block by block to build a countdown clock to the New Year that culminated in a triumphant fireworks display set to music.

New Year's Eve in Geopipe's Times Square, NYC.

While stimulating and engaging, much of what we do online- working, watching TV, listening to music, researching hobbies- is done individually. We crave the shared experiences of socialization beyond bullet points and life updates, and find that we can make real-world, meaningful memories in virtual space.

The author poses with holiday revelers in Geopipe's Times Square, NYC

Happy New Year, friends. See you around.

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