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Geopipe in Techstars NYC Summer '17

Geopipe's first formative year included a great deal of support from two programs, NYU's Summer Launchpad program and the NYC Media Lab's Combine accelerator. Therefore, it is with high hopes of continuing to push Geopipe forward that we have started the Techstars NYC program this week.

Geopipe co-founders Thomas Dickerson and Christopher Mitchell.

From Techstars' new offices in the Flatiron District, we're looking forward to twelve productive weeks of product development, customer conversations, mentor guidance, and camaraderie with the other companies in our cohort.

Among our major focuses is expanding our current closed beta program, so if you need virtual models of the real world for your architecture, urban design, video game design, or visual effects work, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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