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Geopipe Team Welcomes New Members

Happy Summer!

Geopipe finished 2020 strong, winning the $1 million GENIUS NY grand prize and solidifying our traction in an expanding market. Our mission is huge: building the rich 3D twin of the whole Earth that will be the “map OS” underneath everything spatial.

With the GENIUS NY and our existing NSF fundings, we've already catalyzed team growth, welcoming bright collaborative minds to achieve milestones in our roadmap across our organization. We've asked our newest talent what inspires them about Geopipe and our mission, and here's what they shared:

Ben Jones, Director of Operations "I'm most excited by the fact that Geopipe is anchored in deep tech while still being incredibly pragmatic and market focused. We're solving problems on the cutting edge of computer vision and deep learning so that we can build and deploy real products that customers can use in their line-of-business workflows. It helps that our product happens to be massively cool: a digital twin of the whole Earth."

Hari Teja Tatavarti, Deep Learning Engineer "I'd love to see my work make a broad impact on society. I am passionate about driving the field of AI forward to make a positive impact on the whole Earth with my work."

Marcus Elia, Ph.D, R&D Engineer "There's a lot of jobs where the final output is something kind of boring, but with Geopipe, there's always something that's exciting: that really motivates me. That makes me want to do all of this hard work."

Christopher DeGuise, Product Engineer "I have spent roughly half of my career behind the keyboard building the solutions, and the other half leading engineering teams to help bring those solutions to fruition. I get the most joy when I can observe someone using something I had a hand in building."

Christi Kroll, Sales and Marketing Specialist "I'm inspired by Geopipe's tenacity and creativity in pioneering new solutions to problems that span multiple markets. I love to be a part of something that I believe in, and a collaborative tech company solving cutting-edge problems is exactly where I want to be."

Theodore Lincoln, Project Engineering Intern "I've had a lifelong passion for computers, combined with an aptitude for programming. I'm inspired by interesting puzzles, and too stubborn to lose to them. I like the idea of high-resolution streamable environments for all sorts of applications, expanding accessibility of travel as well as immersion!"

Kiana Alikhademi, ML Intern "Geopipe is working on a technology that has an impact on multiple domains. It's so interesting to work with other collaborators on a technology that could shape the future in many different ways. As a successful startup with a solid foundation, I'm excited by the great potential to extend my knowledge in machine learning and computer vision technologies."

Melissa Abraham, R&D Intern "I love that I have the opportunity to work for Geopipe, as we are constantly learning and optimizing what we are doing to build this world. It's an ever-growing company with endless possibilities."

We're thrilled to be taking on the challenges and opportunities of the coming months with a such a dynamic group of results-driven problem solvers. We look forward to expanding the depth and breadth of Geopipe's reach across the globe.

Ready to explore? Get started at to see for yourself!

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